Had enough of all this winning?

All during the 2016 election cycle, we heard the Orange Menace talk about how much we were going to be “winning.” He commented that there will be so much winning that we’ll get tired of winning. I haven’t seen evidence enough for me to be tired of winning. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen any winning yet!

Where’s all the winning?

In recent weeks, a number of companies announced layoff and buyout plans. Coca-Cola is offering 4,000 employees a voluntary severance package. United Airlines will furlough 16,000 employees in October – because air travel has curtailed since the onset of the Coronavirus. A memo by United Airlines called for an extension of the CARES act will be the only thing that hold off the furloughs.

Ford released a statement saying that it will provide buyout packages to more than 1,400 white-collar workers. The buyout packages will end in October.

MGM is laying off 18,000 people!

The manufacturing plant I work at needs workers, but no one wants to work in the heat. No one wants to work at a blue-collar job. An Industry Week article shows that the skills gap in manufacturing has widened precipitously. Skilled blue-collar workers have been in higher demand with a lower supply. All the while, job growth across US has slowed, according to a recent Federal Reserve report.

Seems like any winning that may have occurred – which it didn’t – will end in October.

With the division between the House and the Senate still ongoing, it doesn’t appear that any further support for the American people during this pandemic will be promptly forthcoming.

Covid-19 victims won’t see any stimulus – they’re dead!

Over 186,000 people are dead from a pandemic that the Orange Menace didn’t take seriously. In Georgia, where I live, we’ve had just over 6,000 deaths. Worldwide, over 864,000 people have succumbed to this virus. There’s no vaccine in sight – despite desperate claims by the man that said we should inject bleach or UV light into people.

I don’t know about you, but this is not my idea of winning. Between the layoffs, the deaths and the failing economy, we seem to be losing more than anything else and I am nervous about where my job will be come year’s end.


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