Sunshine week events

I have spent the last day or so in sunshine week events at the National Press Club in DC. It has been enlightening and fascinating to sit in the room with some of the brightest minds in journalism.

Tonight I met a woman that sat in on an event earlier in the day. When I saw her sitting alone this evening, I introduced myself. A fast friendship ensued. As we closed the evening with a metro ride together after the event, I realized that there are good people in DC. She is a charmer and completely fascinated me from the get-go.

I guess that I should mention the brilliant people at the conference. The organizers and attendees were a stunning reminder of the brilliance that we don’t always see when we look at people. The amazing conversations and topics discussed raised my awareness to a new level.

This is why I need to be in DC. I met award winning journalist, brilliant activists and like-minded people. All worthy of mention and worthy of more than a passing paragraph, but as the night rolls on and this train ride ends I must do them justice through my scant words of admiration.

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