Preparing for my first journalism job

It has taken a bit but I have finally started a new job. The last two weeks I have been in training classes. I admit it’s been grueling, learning new stuff. But I feel like I will be fine. Certainly it will be a bumpy start. Why would it be any different than previous endeavors?

After all these years of wanting to be a journalist, I am finally realizing that dream.

I’ve written about ten stories while in training. A couple of them were well read by our clients. I am proud of them, excited that I have spoken to some knowledgeable people.

I know it will be the beginning of an amazing career. I know it’s a bit late for a career change. One so far from the IT world I used to know.

My hope is to finally make the choice mine. To have made the path my own.

I am nervous. But it’s a good nervousness. I know this is right. It has to be.

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Location:Gunston Rd,Alexandria,United States

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